⚪ATECH (AvaxTech) Token

ATECH Token is the Avax token created for the AvaxTech ecosystem.

ATECH Information

ATECH Token has trusted smart contract deployed on Pinksale platform. ATECH Token is designed for use in the AvaxTech ecosystem and is a Utility Token.

💸pageHow to Buy ATECH?

Token Name: AvaxTech Token Symbol: ATECH Token Decimals: 9

AvaxTech ATECH Token Contract Address

☄️pageContract and Functions

SolidProof AUDIT

Why Should I Buy?

We aim to bring investors together with reliable tokens by offering beneficial products for investors and developers for the #AVAX ecosystem. Thanks to avaxanalysis.com and t.me/AvalancheAnalyzerBot, which we have been developing for 5 months, we have detected +1K SCAM tokens!

We work to protect Avax investors and make Avax better. $ATECH Token is used in all our products. To benefit from Avaxanalysis.com Premium features, you must use $ATECH Token. Revenues from Avaxanalysis.com and AvaxTech advertising products are permanently used for AvaxTech products and $ATECH.

We have +1,100 Holders and we're just getting started! You will be able to see $ATECH Token on many Exchanges in the near future. $ATECH Token Supply is only 270,000,000 Units! Our liquidity is locked, Ownership Renounced and Tax 0%

Dev: x.com/Monkuse There are 17 people in our team and we work day and night!

Join us and let's grow together for Avax. Visit our website and documentation. avaxanalysis.com docs.avax.bot avax.bot

❤️ We would also like to thank $COQ, $KIMBO, $LIZARD, $WOLF, $TRUMP, $COQBOX, $SUBAVA, $LEO, $WIF, $BREV and $HUSKY for supporting Avax with us.

ATECH Tokenomics

Total Supply: 270,000,000

Max Supply: 270,000,000

Tax: 0%

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